Tim Lowrey

Tim Lowrey is the founder and CEO of SOS4AMERICA. Born in Mobile Alabama and now resides in Florida for the winter and spring then goes out West to Wyoming for the summer. His grandmother was a lion tamer and grandfather was a daredevil who had one of the early motordromes and the wall of death. His dad was a great athlete who played 3 sports professionally. His mother is a star athlete in fast pitch softball and bowling. He travelled the circus life as a child and went to every state before the age of 12. Tim served on active duty in the U S Army and in the National Guard and Navy Reserves.. Combat wounded and now disabled.Tim was the strength and conditioning coach at the University of South Alabama he help start their first football team He oversaw a chain of 28 restaurants and was a Veteran Service Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs. Tim lost EVERYTHING 2x due to Hurricanes and in 2009 his fiance was murdered by a ex husband and he became a voice for victims of Domestic Violence and then covid hit he became paralyzed from the waist down for over 2 years and while in a nursing home his middle brother passed away and then made a promise to God to be BETTER slowly began to regain movement and today he walks and fights for VETERANS!!